• English name
    Sumatran Tiger
  • ClassificationCarnivora Felidae
  • Scientific namePanthera Tigris Sumatrae

Sumatran Tiger

On the island of Sumatra where the Sumatran Tigers live, forests are disappearing. Sumatran Tigers need a wider place to live. Forests get smaller, and the number of Sumatran Tigers is shrinking.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Body length: 2.2-2.7m
Weight: 100-150kg

(Source: Doubutsu Daihyakka* Heibonsha) (*Encyclopedia of Animals)

Where they live

They live only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

What they eat

They hunt animals like deer and wild boar, rabbits, and birds. Sometimes they also eat bugs and fish.

What they are like

They are the smallest kind of tiger. Their sharp claws and fangs take down prey much larger than them.

Find out more about the Sumatran Tiger!

Each tiger needs wide space
Sumatran Tigers are only live on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The number of humans on the island is growing, and the forests are being lost. For each tiger to have enough prey, they need a wide space for themselves. They can’t gather in a small area and live together like people do. If the number of peoples increase and the forests become smaller, the number of Sumatran Tigers will also go down.

Someone is secretly catching them!
There are rules against the capturing of Sumatran Tigers. Even now, Sumatran Tiger furs and bones are for sale in the black markets. Some people are secretly catching them. This sort of hunting is hard to stop, and is one of the main reasons why the Sumatran Tigers are growing smaller.


Please visit a not for profit charity working with Indonesian animals.

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