• English name
    Malayan Sun Bear, Sun Bear
  • ClassificationCanivore, Ursidae
  • Scientific nameHelarctos malayanus

Malayan Sun Bear

The Malayan Sun Bear is the smallest among bears. They have become an endangered species because of forests being converted into farmlands and endless poaching.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Body length: 1-1.4m
Weight: 50-65kg

(Source: ANIMAL -Sekai Doubutsu Daizukan- NEKO Publishing)

Where they live

The Malayan Sun Bear lives in the forests of Southeast Asia.

What they eat

They like to eat fruits, leaf buds, honey, and insects. Sometimes, they catch small animals and birds.

What they are like

The Malayan Sun Bear has very long claws that are useful for climbing trees and catching termites.


Suddenly, they have become harmful animals…
The Malayan Sun Bear is the smallest bear among the family of bears. Adults grow only a little longer than a meter. Their light bodies and long claws suit them for climbing trees where they rest during the day. But those trees are now being turned into farmland. As if losing home and food supply was not enough, some bears are now being killed as harmful animals that eat crops.

Poaching has yet to cease
Although it is illegal to hunt the Malayan Sun Bear, poaching ceases to end. The bears are poached for various reasons. Some are hunted to sell their fur, while parents are killed to keep the baby bear as a pet. The gall bladder of the Malayan Sun Bear is also sold as an expensive herbal medicine. In addition to those that are killed for their gall bladders, some are kept alive and inserted with a tube to continually extract gall bladder secretions.

Please visit registered charity and not for profit who is working with zoos and captive animals in Indonesia, including these precious Sun Bears.


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