“Lifelong Animal Advocate” makes commercial for big game hunter GODADDY and steals from Sun Bears?

Rebecca A. Rodriguez
shame on you
Rebecca and
Long term friends, Rebecca with her “team mate” Alycia.
Sheeple of the world, awaken from your slumber!  You are supporting an unethical person.
This is about Rebecca A. Rodriguez reb thanks for the money suckersa previously unheard of aspiring actress and wannabe filmmaker (one of her “critically acclaimed” films was about a floating piece of turd  in a toilet bowl – we kid you not – It’s called “Floater” ) –floater
who is using a year and half old video of “starving” sun bears of Bandung Zoological Gardens (given to her by Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group) and other animals and the money of good-hearted people (yes all your lovely donations) to raise her profile and earn some big bucks from television production companies/networks.
She owns and operates http://www.oneanimalworld.com, http://www.luckyheadfilms.com and a myriad of other filmmaking dot coms, and of course, her fundraising initiative at http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia? for the “starving” sun bears.
Information about her “team” is coming next.  Stay tuned!
At the inception of this petition and gofundme campaign, donors were led to believe that the animals and in particular, the alleged “starving sun bears” at Bandung Zoological Gardens, were to directly benefit from these funds.  This is clear from the many comments left on the numerous updates.  It is also clear from the original campaign. If Rebecca could not enter Bandung Zoo she should have immediately cancelled the original SUN BEARS’ campaign and started a new one to fund her filming objectives on the plight of animals in Indonesia.  By continuing with the original campaign and changing the beneficiary she has committed FRAUD per the gofundme platform’s terms and conditions.
Rebecca has threatened us saying this blog is slanderous and libelous and that it contains her copyrighted material and she will sue us.  The truth is everything in this blog is already in the public domain via her various web sites, groups, pages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. so therefore, under the law, public records are exempt from claims of libel.  Furthermore, if a person wishes to successfully sue us for libel she must generally prove the statement is false. In most states, truth is a complete defense to a libel action. You generally can’t sue if the statement in question is true, no matter how unpleasant the statement or the results of its publication.
Also, FAIR USE comes into play here – The purpose and character of the use: Reproduction for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research is not copyright infringement. (This probably covers most blogs and personal websites.)
Furthermore, we find it utterly hypocritical and laughable that Rebecca wishes to sue us for slander and libel after she repeatedly, viciously and insidiously attacked Sybelle Foxcroft and Cee4Life on multiple occasions, disseminating a multitude of lies and fabrications to over 800 000 people!  stop lyingShe has caused not only  damage to Cee4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft but Bandung Zoo too.  She had no qualms about doing so.  What professional, rational person does that?  Finally, she has incited hate speech and death threats against Sybelle Foxcroft in a most disgusting, vile, fiendish, callous and unprofessional manner. Inciting hate speech is taken very seriously by authorities.
and the ensuing chaos, attacks and death threats against Cee4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft are unforgivable and deplorable :
Here is PROOF that this campaign was FOR the SUN BEARS!  The campaign has “evolved” to now be about making a documentary on the plight of animals in Indonesia.  A complete 180 from the ORIGINAL gofundme.  This is a direct violation of the terms of gofundme! Funds not delivered to intended beneficiary!!
And again more proof here :
Who was the campaign for
and here :
sun bear campaign
It is clear that the sun bears were the beneficiaries of this campaign and Rebecca has violated 2 out of 3 of the terms per GoFundMe :
Any of these actions are considered MISUSE of GoFundMe :
* The campaign organizer doesn’t deliver funds to the intended beneficiary
* The campaign description is intentionally misleading to donors
* The campaign or beneficiary is charged with a crime related to misrepresentations made in their campaign
Update after update with lots and lots of garbled information saying what? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Why haven’t you already helped the animals of Bandung Zoo and in particular the sun bears whom you’ve whored out for money? You’ve raised $46390 and yet you cannot even provide them with a basket of fruit! Bandung Zoo has had questionable dealings with Rebecca because she did not ask for permission to film inside the zoo via the proper, mandated processes required. Now she is blaming the NGO in Australia. No Rebecca, you couldn’t FILM therefore you are NO LONGER interested in helping the animals in Bandung Zoo.
If you dig a little deeper, you will find the truth.  Rebecca’s intentions are very clear and no money is going to reach any animal in any significant way.
one animal world indonesia plan
You are a disgrace to call yourself an animal advocate and you have been totally unprofessional in your approach with regards to the campaign for the Sun Bears by constantly attacking Cee4Life. 
Furthermore, what animal advocate would take money from BOB PARSON’S – GO DADDY’s FOUNDER to create an advertising campaign – when it’s a well known fact all over the world BOB PARSON’S IS A BIG GAME HUNTER who LOVES to KILL animals, especially African big game!!!
Latest independent news and EXPOSE of Rebecca can be found here.  Click on highlighted text:
rebecca's financial statement
We invite Rebecca Rodriguez to answer the following questions – by directly contacting us – so that we may update this blog with her answers for clarity and transparency since she claims what is written here is untrue!!!
If not to us, we ask that you please, please, please ask Rebecca Rodriguez directly – the following questions – via Facebook or any medium.  Ask for proof when answering to :
1) $10 000 already spent for first trip.  Actual, specific break down of these funds?
2) Who are the specific beneficiaries of your campaign?
3) What specific amount has been assigned to each “named beneficiary”?
4) Are you donating to the sun bears of Bandung Zoo after you used them as a backdrop to your gofundme campaign and claimed they were starving?
5) How much actual money has been handed over to Scorpion Wildlife Trading for the “reading house”?  We note that the building materials being used would not withstand even a storm.  Also the people in Indonesia mostly cannot read or speak English.  How do English books in the “reading house” help animals?
6) Why are you not supporting Bubble and Squeak – the 2 otters that were rescued – yourself?  You have clearly raised enough donations to fund them for a while!bubble and squeak
She is currently using her website http://www.animalhouse.tv et al and many other of her web sites and numerous pages all over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to release her videos taken whilst in Indonesia.  (She rescued a monkey, 2 cats and petted 2 otters who had been rescued by another organization so the otters were never, ever rescued by Rebecca and her cronies!!).
We warned everyone all along that Rebecca A. Rodriguez was raising funds more dollarsto film a series for television and a documentary on the plight of animals in Indonesia. She is using YOUR money to fund these endeavours and NO SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF MONEY will ever reach ANY ANIMALS.   We will attempt to summarize all the deception.
Proof of filmmaking objectives, over and over again appear in her updates.  See items 5 and 8.  She seemingly innocuously slides these points in without garnering any attention or questions by the donors as they constantly receive update after update :
filming and more filming
Overview :
  • Rebecca used a video over a year and a half old of “starving sun bears” in Bandung Zoo as a backdrop to her gofundme fundraising platform making people think/believe that their “donations” would reach those animals directly and in particular those bears.  Did you know those bears are getting NOTHING from her campaign?
  • Rebecca has repeatedly and onerously changed the wording of the campaign and subsequent updates in DIRECT VIOLATION of gofundme‘s terms and conditions.  As things have become apparent and she has been questioned about her “campaign” she has moved the focus off the sun bears and onto a sweeping statement of “animals in Indonesia”.  This is 100% fraudulent!  She has seriously, viciously and insidiously attacked Cee4Life, the organization directly involved with Bandung Zoo.  She has now finally admitted that this campaign is actually about making a documentary about “animals in Indonesia” and has zero to do with the “starving sun bears”!  READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH.         indonesian television production comapniesThe only person who benefits now is Rebecca with her filmmaking objectives!  FACT!
  • Did you know “lifelong animal advocate and animal activist” and I use the term very broadly – Rebecca Rodriguez – accepted  GODADDY bob parsons and elephantas a client and created an advertising campaign for them under “Lucky Head Films” – a subsidiary of REBROD.  GoDaddy founder BOB PARSONS is a worldwide recognized AVID BIG GAME HUNTER.  See Bob Parsons killing Elephant and Leopard video here: I LOVE KILLING ANIMALS 
  • What type of “animal activist” supports GoDaddy? The hypocrisy is mind boggling! godaddy commercial by lucky head films
  • Repeated offers to Rebecca to help the sun bears by donating even a box of food have been ignored and denied.  She clearly does NOT want to part with YOUR DONATIONS!
  • Everyone knows by now that Rebecca is NOT interested in helping the animals at Bandung Zoological Gardens! She is only interested in objectives that can further her filming and acting career. Since she can’t film, you won’t see her or her illicitly raised $46390 helping a single animal at Bandung Zoological Gardens!! That is a fact. Furthermore, Rebecca refuses to give the donors any real accountability of any of the money raised. She never releases actual Dollar amounts given to any beneficiaries and this includes the costs of her team because she knows everyone would question her motives and her campaign.
  • Here is some interesting truth about Bandung Zoo :  THE REAL STORY ABOUT BANDUNG ZOO & ITS ANIMALS and here about Cee4Life actually helping the animals : CEE4LIFE HELPING THE ANIMALS AT BANDUNG ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS
  • Rebecca hooked up with W Pooi Yee Holmes holmesa complete and utter nobody in the world of animal welfare with no animal-related qualifications ie zoology, animal husbandry, zoo keeping, animal activism – nothing – to create a petition to close down Bandung Zoo.  We don’t know why these 2 bottom feeders are assisting each other. We do know however, that the petition organizer is one “P Holmes”.  Well, she goes by MANY names and we’re not quite sure why!  It’s strange that someone needs so many personas!  She is not linked to ANY reputable animal welfare organizations whatsoever.  Legally, her name is W Poh-Yee Ooi Holmes, but she is also known as Poh Yee Holmes, Yee Holmes Poh, Poh Yee Ooi, Poh Yee Ooi-Holmes and Pohyee Holmes of Ben Avon and Pittsburgh, PA.  It would appear she is a serial petition organizer who constantly googles information and statistics on zoos and animal issues in Indonesia and then regurgitates “her knowledge” in her endless updates on her petition to close the zoo, to give herself more credibility.  We are not fooled!
  • To donate to Rebecca’s campaign via the gofundme link, you are taken directly to One Animal World’s web page forprofitrebeccaand it states that the funds go into Rebecca Rodriguez’s personal account held in the name RebRod LLC.
  • There is no registered charity connected to this fundraising initiative.
  • Since there is no charity, gofundme specifically states that you are directly donating a gift to Rebecca and these funds are immediately available to her.
  • Rebecca refuses to release a “financial summary” of exactly what funds are going where.  There is no timeline and no specific beneficiaries.
  • Rebecca does not have to declare all this money as income as it’s considered tax free per the gofundme platform. $46390 in her complete controlhello lovely money
  • You however, cannot claim your donation from IRS as Rebecca is not a registered charity.
  • One Animal World is a for profit company. This means Rebecca is profiting / making money for her own financial gain.
  • One Animal World is a subsidiary of RebRod LLC, controlled and operated by Rebecca.
  • $10 000 has already been spent. Nobody knows where that money went.  We would love to know!
  • Rebecca and her crew flew to Indonesia, cost free, as she was gifted frequent flyer miles by a lady named Siggy Ester.
  • Rebecca will be collaborating with an Indonesian filmmaker and will create a TELEVISION SERIES dedicated to raising awareness about animals. This she will sell on to television production companies for financial gain.  She actually admits it!  See proof above.
  • Rebecca will be creating a full blown DOCUMENTARY on the plight of animals in Indonesia. See proof aboveThis she will sell on to television production companies for financial gain. 
  • Rebecca is winning in 5 ways. (a) she is accumulating funds gifted to her (b) this money is tax free (c) she is funding her documentary and filming objectives (d) gets to sell it at a profit and (e) is using donor’s money to do it.
  • Furthermore, be aware, Rebecca Rodriguez uses GODADDY to register and host all her domains.  As stated previously we all know that the owner of GODADDY – Bob Parsons –  is an avid hunter who loves to slaughter African Elephants and other big game and wildlife.  He also loves to make videos while doing it!  He and Rebecca have something else in common! Surely someone who purports to love animals and care about the environment would never, ever support someone as evil as this man?  Yet another questionable moral dilemma for Rebecca to explain!!
  • Absolutely no public accounting of the MONEY has been disseminated to anyone. Nobody knows where the money is being used despite Rebecca claiming that most of the funds will go directly to the animals.  We know this is not true and we do not believe her.  She has given a donation to Scorpion – The Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group for the “Reading House” but HOW MUCH MONEY was given?
  • Rebecca Rodriguez launched many attacks on Sybelle Foxcroft and Cee4Life and continues to slander, defame and character assisinate her, claiming they were directly involved in stopping Rebecca from entering Bandung Zoo stop the liessetting off another plethora of vicious attacks.  It beggars the question WHY is Rebecca doing this?
  • The truth is Sybelle was in Melbourne, Australia the day Ms Rodriguez tried to storm her way into Bandung Zoo and Sybelle Foxcroft was contacted by zoo staff who informed her of what happened AFTER the event.
  • Rebecca Rodriguez further claimed that Sybelle Foxcroft and Cee4Life specifically locked the sun bears away from them.  The truth is the day she arrived in Bandung Zoo the bears were locked away because the Dept of Forestry and Enviro were there meeting with PKBSI to show them the design for the new sunbears’ enclosure . Nothing insidious about that at all!  Nobody, not even Cee4Life is in control of the Indonesian Government! To imply that is absolutely ludicrous!!!
  • Rebecca A. Rodriguez has attempted to fool people out of money for other filmmaking projectsAnother failed attempt at raising funds for her filmmaking dreams is http://www.femaleoutrage.com, which has now been taken down!  She wanted you to pay her to march to Washington!!  femaleoutrage
  • Furthermore, She asks you to FUND HER love of animals by becoming a “patron” and donating a monthly contribution for this!  Many people love animals and work to help them.  They don’t ask for money to do it!  They do it for free because they love animals!  Rebecca is all about the MONEY isn’t she?patreon begging for money
  • Her team will get their money  BEFORE ANY ANIMAL sees a single Dollar!  Is this for/about ANIMALS or is this about getting $$$$$ to fund Rebecca’s “ideas”?  Read item 2 on Update 9!!!  Yes hidden amongst all the updates you WILL find the truth but it’s always so carefully disguised!  Please people, start using your brain!!!
Crowdfunding scams are on the rise!  CROWDFUNDING and how you are cleverly scammed out of your money!
The bottom line is :
We need to report this scam to IRS and FBI and Federal Trade Commission and GoFraudMe!
Contact IRS here :
Contact GoFundMe for a refund here :

Direct link for a refund from GoFundMe

Contact GoFraudMe here :
GoFraudMe – Report scams used @ GoFundMe link
Contact FBI here :
FBI Report Fraud direct link
Federal Trade Commission Fraud link
stop and think
An update directly from Indonesian television with a press release regarding Bandung Zoological Gardens with specific reference to Rebecca, the points of which have been summarized hereunder as it’s not in English :
* Bandung Zoo were aware of Ms Rodriguez raising funds for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo.
* Bandung Zoo knew the film Ms Rodriguez was using came from the Scorpion Group
* Bandung Zoo knew that Ms Rodriguez had raised many funds heading towards $50000 US
* Bandung Zoo Management refused Ms Rodriguez to film in the zoo due to incorrect application process
* Bandung Zoo were informed by their team members that Ms Rodriguez had not responded to efforts asking her to join in with helping the zoo and stated that she is not giving the money.
* Bandung Zoo stated that if Ms Rodrigeuz wanted to film in Bandung Zoo and compare a developing country zoo to a developed countries zoos was very unfair.
* Ms Rodrigeuz was informed to make an application for entry and filming in the zoo to the Ministry BKSDA.
* Due to the uncertainty of Ms Rodriguez intentions, the Bandung Zoo stated the enormous amount of funds raised might be getting used to make film.
* If this is so, the Bandung Zoo stated the film could be shown around the world and be seen as bad, before the upgrades have been completed, and cause more hate upon the zoo.
* Bandung Zoo has reported Ms Rodriguez to the Ministry of Forestry and Environment
* Bandung Zoo is on alert for Ms Rodriguez attempts to enter and film in Bandung Zoo and have circulated her photograph.
Bandung Zoo is in the process of upgrading the Zoo and working hard to provide the animals with a better quality of life.  Previously the owner fell very ill and the Zoo passed into the hands of the inexperienced son.  Now the Zoo is being given the once over and organizations affiliated with the Zoo have stepped in to help as much as possible.  The Sun Bears are getting a new enclosure and plans have already underway.
Wage, the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger at Bandung Zoo, explores his new enclosure for the first time.  It’s also the first time that Wage will climb.
This is the first of many upgrades over the next 2 years.
wage the tiger
For video on Wage the Tiger @ Bandung Zoo click here
Here is some more information about Bandung Zoo.  They acknowledge they need help in upgrading the facilities for the betterment of all the animals there.  A video was released of the Bandung Zoo Sun bears which stated they were ” starving ” and “begging” for food. The sun bears and no other animals in Bandung Zoo have ever been starving. However, the zoo needs help with upgrading of enclosures and enrichment.  Please support http://www.cee4life.org who are helping the zoo.  None of the money Rebecca A. Rodriguez has raised will get to a single animal in Bandung Zoo!  Rebecca is still using a one and a half year old video of the Sun Bears to raise funds though!
Soon the Ellies @ Bandung Zoo will be unchained!  This is wonderful news Click on the link! Beautiful Ellies soon to be free from chains
For video on Sun Bears @ Bandung Zoo click here
and again all the work Cee4Life are ACTUALLY DOING for the animals @ Bandung Zoo: For video of Cee4Life doing the real work at Bandung Zoo click here
Outright blatant lies about Bandung Zoo being a
lactacting what
lies destroy
This is the type of person you are supporting!  Read how Rebecca A. Rodriguez really operates!  An absolute nightmare and totally unethical!  Does anyone want to be associated with this person?
We were right all along! Her latest update confirms what we already suspected.  Rebecca has been fleecing money from well-meaning animal lovers all over the world to fund her filmmaking initiatives!
People, make a sound judgement about where your hard earned cash is going – Donate to registered charities who cannot privately profit from your money!
Further reading…….. See below.  Kindly note, all the claims in this blog can be independently verified by anyone!
1) What proof, if any will the donors receive that these desperately needed monies are given to animal welfare initiatives/zoos/organizations in Indonesia especially when you claim a vast majority of the funds will go towards your team’s costs.
2) The truth of why Rebecca and her team were denied entry to Bandung is the fact that Indonesian Government were aware of the immense and prolonged hatred incited by Scorpion over the preceding year (against zoos and Indonesia as a whole) and once Rebecca aligned herself with them, the Indonesian Government took the decision to DENY Rebecca and her team.   A photograph of Rebecca emerging from a luxury bus was taken by a guard of the Forestry Department who alerted Bandung Zoo.  Rebecca entered the Forestry Department with a man named Marison (from Scorpion) to get permission to enter the Zoo.  Since the zoo is privately owned and she had already revealed her hand, the answer was NO.  As the PKBSI (in charge of zoos and aquariums in Indonesia and is the Government arm working in the zoo) were also aware of Rebecca’s intentions they too said NO.slander socrates
3) How much, if any of the already raised $46390 is used for for filming/production?
4) $10000 has already been spent on expensive hotels and transport! Where is the public accounting of this money?  We now know that Rebecca has self-sabotaged any chance of fulfilling her multitude of promises to all her well-meaning donors (including the little 6 year old who donated her pocket money). Where and how on earth did $US10,000 get spent in FOUR days by her and her team of 3 people in Indonesia when all airfares were ‘covered’ by a generously donated, huge amount of Frequent Flyer points by a very kind lady named Siggy Ester? By my calculations, the 4 days in Indonesia should have cost no more than $US1.610 (4 people) and this includes a private car from Jakarta and back, 4 days’ use of a private car and driver in Bandung, all food and non alcoholic beverages and 4 double rooms in an International brand hotel in Bandung…..where was the other $US8,390.00 spent? These funds probably went to her “team”!!  And what was spent on actually helping any animals?
5) Since you’re attempting to close Bandung Zoo, why are you using footage of the “starving” sun bears? Are you aware Bandung Zoo is in the process of upgrading their facilities for the animals? Go to http://www.cee4life.org/ and http://www.wildwelfare.org for updates on Bandung Zoo.
The bottom line is : All the donations belong to Rebecca A. Rodriguez and she has the legal capacity to use that money for anything she wants including expensive hotels, having her hair done, buying clothing – anything – and of course, creating episodes for a tv series and a documentary to later sell on to television production companies AND get paid for that too.  Are you getting the picture yet? DID YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOUR MONEY WOULD GO TO BENEFIT THE SUN BEARS?
Be aware, Rebecca Rodriguez uses GODADDY to register and host all her domains.  We all know that the owner of GODADDY – Bob Parsons bob parsons  is an avid hunter who loves to slaughter African Elephants and other big game and wildlife.  He also loves to make videos while doing it!  He and Rebecca have something else in common!  Who would have thought?  Surely someone who purports to love animals and care about the environment would never, ever support someone as evil as this man?  Yet another questionable action!!
Besides running the web page http://oneanimalworld.com Rebecca also owns various web sites.  The following is the list.  Why she needs so many web pages is strange, but intriguing.
Domain Name Create Date Registrar
nichecopy.com 2015-06-29 ascio.com
fantasticplayroom.com 2016-11-29 name.com
mommeetsblog.com 2013-04-09 wildwestdomains.com
alasegura.com 2013-08-05 godaddy.com
evacpet.net 2013-09-03 godaddy.com
evacpets.net 2013-09-03 godaddy.com
rebeccarodriguezrealtor.com 2013-10-30 wildwestdomains.com
wtfpac.net 2014-01-26 godaddy.com
bodegascostarica.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
borntoovercome.net 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
costaricaoficinas.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
costaricarealestateramrealtors.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
evacsac.net 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
evacsack.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
evacsack.net 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
evacsak.net 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
floristeriadliriocostarica.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
howcouldshe.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
santafesacredground.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
santafesecondhome.com 2013-02-21 tucowsdomains.com
talamancasoft.net 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
surveysandmoreftp.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
thesnackmonkey.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
thesoulcollectors.net 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
thezenmonkey.net 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
therovingrover.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
xrespiratorycompliance.com 2010-01-11 tucowsdomains.com
winterowlproductions.com 2013-06-21 godaddy.com
givingbackfilms.net 2013-12-15 godaddy.com
msrebrod.net 2013-12-15 godaddy.com
bugintheointment.com 2014-01-29 godaddy.com
bugintheointment.net 2014-01-29 godaddy.com
eosstrategy.com 2014-02-05 godaddy.com
williamalvaradodiputado.com 2014-07-27 godaddy.com
artistrebeccamaria.com 2014-12-26 godaddy.com
thebeautypaddle.net 2015-07-09 godaddy.com
blissfulvisionsatx.com 2015-07-26 godaddy.com
thetwelfthdog.info 2015-11-11 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
the12thdog.net 2015-11-11 godaddy.com
thetwelfthdog.net 2015-11-11 godaddy.com
animalcentric.net 2015-11-24 godaddy.com
rebocr.com 2016-01-16 godaddy.com
rodneyace.com 2016-01-29 godaddy.com
angryanimalpeople.com 2016-03-12 godaddy.com
animalpeoplerant.com 2016-03-12 godaddy.com
animalpeoplerock.com 2016-03-24 godaddy.com
oneanimalworld.com 2016-03-26 godaddy.com
barksofhope.us 2016-03-25 (registration services) whois.godaddy.com
costasolinmobiliaria.com 2016-05-05 godaddy.com
managementatdevoe.com 2016-09-26 enom.com
mgsoupcompany.com 2016-10-22 godaddy.com
gosak.net 2016-11-07 godaddy.com
freslady.com 2016-12-14 enom.com
theratpac.net 2016-12-19 godaddy.com
howcouldshe.info 2016-12-22 godaddy.com, llc
howcouldshe.net 2016-12-23 godaddy.com
seguridadhumanacr.com 2017-01-18 godaddy.com
atomoseguridadhumana.com 2017-01-18 godaddy.com
xn--enbeaut-hya.com 2017-02-17 godaddy.com
ipetlocation.com 2017-03-14 godaddy.com
betterhalfmovie.com 2009-04-15 namesecure.com
animalhouseinternational.com 2017-03-30 godaddy.com
animalhouseinternational.net 2017-03-30 godaddy.com
sunsetoakspark.com 2017-04-01 godaddy.com
albertazziphoto.com 2017-04-27 godaddy.com
laurasaloncr.com 2017-05-06 godaddy.com
thisistrashed.com 2017-03-29 godaddy.com
rebeccarodriguezart.com 2017-02-05 godaddy.com
warriorforanimals.com 2016-08-20 godaddy.com
secretcasecr.com 2016-07-20 godaddy.com
upriverthemovie.com 2016-02-13 godaddy.com
e320investmentsllc.com 2016-02-10 networksolutions.comen_us
aisuart.com 2016-01-13 godaddy.com
animalsocietyofamerica.net 2015-09-26 godaddy.com
animalsocietyofamerica.com 2015-09-26 godaddy.com
rebrod.net 2015-09-20 godaddy.com
rebeccarodriguez.net 2015-09-20 godaddy.com
beautypaddle.net 2015-07-09 godaddy.com
beautypaddle.com 2015-07-09 godaddy.com
thebeautypaddle.com 2015-07-09 godaddy.com
fidelbertos.com 2015-06-15 enom.com
rodsrecoverysalve.net 2015-05-20 godaddy.com
rodsrecoverysalve.com 2015-05-20 godaddy.com
buggysmagicstuff.net 2015-04-25 godaddy.com
buggysmagicstuff.com 2015-04-25 godaddy.com
rebecca-rodriguez.com 2015-04-14 godaddy.com
americabuildsashelter.us 2015-04-11 (registration services) whois.godaddy.com
americabuildsashelter.net 2015-04-12 godaddy.com
americabuildsashelter.info 2015-04-11 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
americabuildsashelter.com 2015-04-12 godaddy.com
bodybyrebecca.net 2015-03-19 godaddy.com
floristeriadliriocr.com 2015-03-17 godaddy.com
beckydiaries.com 2015-01-28 godaddy.com
byrebeccamaria.com 2014-12-26 godaddy.com
rjbtruckinginc.com 2014-11-14 godaddy.com
teamcorrectuniforms.com 2014-08-12 realtime register b.v
peopleunitedforanimals.net 2014-09-25 godaddy.com
peopleunitedforanimals.info 2014-09-24 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
talamancasoft.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
colordigitalcr.com 2014-03-08 godaddy.com

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